Morning Docket: 06.26.18

* Michael Cohen’s lawyers say just a little over 12K of their client’s files are privileged. That’s out of 4 million… and still seems high. [Law360]

* If you thought the Westworld videogame felt suspiciously like Fallout Shelter, so did the makers of Fallout. [BBC]

* Online retailers are confused in the post-Wayfair world. They’ve built algorithms that can guess what you want to purchase before you think of it, but they’re totally baffled about tacking 6 percent on a sale heading to Kentucky. [Corporate Counsel]

* Professor Tim Wu thinks yesterday’s Amex decision has devastated antitrust law. There’s no argument that this was the Court’s intent, but it strikes me that the decision prevented the market from rapidly devolving into a Visa/MasterCard duopoly — since they already have a near stranglehold on the market — so it’s hard to consider this anticompetitive in result even if it is in reasoning. [NY Times]

* The economic dumpster fire that is Kansas will have to cough up more money to fund schools according to their Supreme Court, based on the state’s constitutional obligation to equitably fund education. Don’t worry, the Trump administration sees Kansas as a model for the country! [Courthouse News Service]

* Age discrimination could blow up soon if the Seventh Circuit expands protection to job applicants. It’s a pressing issue for an aging generation just now realizing that they’ve spent 30 years voting for the government to pilfer their retirement. [National Law Journal]

* Lawyer indicted on charges of stealing $150K from clients. [NY Post]


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