Morning Docket: 07.05.18

* The National Law Journal compiled some videos of some Brett Kavanaugh speeches over the years. It’s like a sizzle reel for the most boring horror movie ever. [National Law Journal]

* Speaking of Judge Kavanaugh, he’s getting savaged by right-wing detractors. Are these criticisms valid, or are these just baseless, cynical arguments that they assume will convince Trump to freak out and choose someone else? Spoiler: it’s the latter. [Politico]

* Today’s the deadline for Trump’s people to submit their privilege designations in the Cohen case to Judge Wood. For those keeping score at home, yes that means they worked over the holiday. [New York Law Journal]

* Résumé update! Michael Cohen has stopped describing himself as Trump’s lawyer in his published bio. [CNBC]

* A recap of the GC hiring market so far this year. [Corporate Counsel]

* The hip legal job to have these days is litigation finance. [Wall Street Journal]

* Law360 released its annual Global 20 ranking on the Fourth of July. How symbolic. [Law360]


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