Morning Docket: 01.10.19

* It’s probably sociopathic to make “I just killed a deer” part of your online dating banter, but it’s downright stupid when you make it part of your online dating banter while trying to woo a game warden. [CNN]

* Ahoy maties! Maritime firms Jones Walker and Fowler Rodriguez merge. [Daily Business Review]

* Coming legal developments that could revolutionize the law. []

* Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law now covers police officers shooting innocent people in the back. [Slate]

* Federal judge calls for “bone-crushing” discovery. Hopefully the sets a new precedent and judges start asking for “disemboweling” briefing and “waterboarding” voir dire. [Law360]

* Another online J.D. program — and this one’s bringing in students with higher LSAT scores than the residential program. [New York Law Journal]

* The good and bad news for employers when it comes to workplace class actions. Isn’t the good news for employers always, “the Supreme Court is about to make these illegal”? [Corporate Counsel]


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