Morning Docket: 01.11.19

* Divorce lawyer lays out how this Jeff Bezos divorce will go down. [VICE]

* Michael Cohen is going to testify to Congress, so that’s a new circus to look forward to. [CNBC]

* Florida’s newly passed law allowing felons to vote after they’ve served their sentence may have an exploitable flaw. A former Florida Supreme Court justice notes that the law requires the potential voter to satisfy their complete sentence, which might include fines or restitution payments that no one ever expects the convict to pay off. Retired Justice James E.C. Perry says that makes this “akin to a poll tax.” This is why Florida can’t have nice things. [ABC Action News]

* For those unfamiliar with “Ag-Gag” legislation, it’s a family of lobbyist concocted laws that ban environmentalists and animal rights activists from reporting on conditions in factory farms. If that sounds like a First Amendment violation to you, a federal court in Iowa agrees. [NPR]

* Vegas investigators want Ronaldo’s DNA in a rape case. [Fox News]

* The Russian government is demanding answers to why Natalia Veselnitskaya has been charged. Not sure they realize that their agitation only suggests Mueller’s right. [Reuters]


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