Morning Docket: 01.22.19

* In college hoops corruption trial, it seems the defense wants to confuse having a “reason” with having an “excuse.” The judge is not here for it. [Law360]

* On the same theme, here’s an exploration of how billable hour pricing models encourage overbilling that doesn’t confuse identifying the impetus of bad behavior with excusing it. [American Lawyer]

* Dog Gone! DA drops animal cruelty charges in “authorities accuse lawyer of sex with dog” case, putting an end to the most bizarre of the charges. All the drug and firearm charges though… yeah, he had to plead guilty to those. But Snoopy’s honor is restored. [Trib Live]

* Google, a company worth billions, gets hit with $57 million GDPR fine, reinforcing that GDPR is a lot of useful bark but very little actual bite — at least for now. [NY Times]

* Legal Aid fighting back against law that lets private investors pay off people’s minor tax bills and then seize their homes. [Omaha World-Herald]

* Shutdown may start killing people directly — federal worker needs her insurance back to live. [Courthouse News Service]

* Ghost of former national Chief Justice upset according to psychic. [Legal Cheek]


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